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Looking for the best investing apps, as a beginner? Many of us have a lot of free time to learn some additional skills… so, why not learn about investing? There are many financing apps out there, but some just aren’t simple enough for those looking to begin. Below, we list a few apps known for being great for the beginning of your investing practices.


Stash is great because you can invest with as little as $1, so you’re not losing much when venturing into the unknown. It also provides tips and videos to guide you through the world of investing, so you can make sure you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Even if you don’t invest, we recommend watching their content to become familiar with the idea.


We’ve mentioned Betterment in previous posts, because it’s truly a well-respected finance app. Not only is their investment policy backed by Novel Prize-winning research, it allows you to invest in a range of funds, chosen to help you earn better returns within your risk level. They have financial experts on hand, and other ways of guidance through your investing journey.


Robinhood allows complete control over your investments, and offers stocks, ETFs, as well as some cryptocurrency. It’s easy to use, and you can make unlimited commission-free trades. You’re also able to customize your portfolio with the companies and funds you want, to help reduce risk.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is free, automated, and allows you to invest in stocks as well as ETFs. You’re able to create your portfolio and invest with intelligent automation, so it’s easy to use if you’re a beginner. The app uses a “Pie-based” interface to provide an intuitive process of building and managing your portfolio. Invest, watch it progress, and learn.


Acorns helps you invest responsibly for as little as $1/month. You’re able to automate “Round-Ups,” allowing the app to set aside your leftover change from everyday purchases. In addition, everything can be automated… so you only need to set it up, and see it progress. Of course, learning about investing is important too, and Acorns provides a great amount of content to fully educate you on the topic.

Another way to invest is through the Infinite Banking Concept – a banking method that not many people learn about, but it’s a powerful and modern way to take full control of your financial future by creating your OWN banking system. Here at Up Planning Edge, we help people everyday open their eyes to how simple it really is to save and multiply their wealth. Interested in learning more and beginning your financial freedom in the new year? Check out our free resources and contact us at