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The Infinite Banking Concept is the process of one becomes their own banker. It’s creating freedom, control, stability, and independent wealth.

It’s a concept many people don’t know about. Many people stick to the traditional methods – the 401k plan their employer offers, or investing in the stock market and savings accounts.

But what if there was something better? Is the Infinite Banking Concept better and more beneficial? Let’s compare the differences to some of the traditional methods below.

Savings Accounts

  1. With the Infinite Banking Concept, you can use the equity in your banking system while it continues growth, regardless of the amount you take out. When taking money out of a savings account, you earn less interest.
  2. When using a savings account as collateral, you have to go through an entire process to see if you’re even approved. Not only that, but you also usually have a payment schedule you must abide by, with consequences if the schedule isn’t met. With your own banking system, no one needs to approve of your actions except for yourself.
  3. Interest earned in savings accounts is taxable, when it’s 100% possible to have your own banking system that isn’t taxable.

401k Plan

  1. First and foremost, there’s normally a catch when needing to access money from your 401k with a lot of restrictions. With the Infinite Banking Concept, you’re able to access your money whenever you want, with no catch. You have full control.
  2. With your own banking system, you can easily predict the growth of your investment with no unpredictable circumstances, unlike many 401k plans where growth is dependent on many different factors.
  3. Withdrawing money from your banking system can be tax-free, whereas the money you take out of your 401k is usually taxable.

Roth IRA

  1. With Roth IRA, borrowing or using your funds as collateral is restricted and comes with many consequences. And although there are no taxes, you will no longer be earning interest in any way. With the Infinite Banking Concept, you determine your own restrictions and therefore have full control over how your bank is managed.
  2. Just like the other methods, investing in a Roth IRA can be unpredictable and isn’t guaranteed to reach a certain amount. When being your own bank, it’s not dependent on any factors that would make it unpredictable. You know exactly what’s happening with your equity.

The Stock Market

    1. With the Infinite Banking Concept, there is no loss of principal when there is a market downturn. With the stock market, you’re gambling and at any moment, your principal could take a wrong turn.
    2. Just like your principal, all gains are protected with the Infinite Banking Concept. Everything is locked and is independent from everything going on from the outside. With stocks, you could lose all of your gains at any given moment.
    3. With your own banking system, your growth is independent. When investing in the stock market, the growth of your returns is completely dependent on many factors.
    4. With your own banking system, you can take out money however and whenever you want. With stocks, you typically have to sell your assets to receive your return.
    5. Stocks are unpredictable, whereas the Infinite Banking Concept is predictable and 100% guaranteed.
    6. Depending on where you are located, your cash value and death benefits could be protected from creditors. Most stocks are not protected.

Real Estate/Big Investments

    1. As we keep saying, the Infinite Banking Concept allows full control over your equity. It can become very difficult to gain control over your assets with real estate, depending on many factors such as the stock market.
    2. With that said, the stock marketing can easily affect your equity and therefore no growth is able to be predicted or guaranteed. It’s a waiting and wishing game. With your own banking system, you know exactly how your equity will grow.

Term Insurance

  1. Term life policies often never pay out a claim, since they’re usually short term. Many people see it as “renting” insurance and are usually planned to terminate before you need it. With the Infinite Banking Concept, there’s no end date.
  2. Like the other methods, you have no way of knowing what direction your money will go as it’s dependent on many factors. With the Infinite Banking Concept, you know exactly how your asset is growing.
  3. If your health deteriorates during your term of policy, often times you’ll have to pay again to renew it to get the coverage you need. With your own bank, you can handle it however you want without having to “renew” anything.

Overall, the main theme that the Infinite Banking Concept holds over all other methods is complete control and freedom. There are no limits with your own banking system, making it the most powerful asset you could invest in.

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Did you know there are actually 3 types of money?

Accumulated Money is money you currently have and are saving.

Lifestyle Money is money you spend to enjoy your quality of living.

Transferred Money is money you may be transferring unknowingly and unnecessarily. Some examples of transferred money are taxes, interest on credit cards, home mortgages and car payments.

Watch the Circle of Wealth video to learn more about the 3 types of money.

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