The Infinite Banking plan is a unique wealth building strategy that requires a person to become educated on topics that you typically won’t find via main stream personal finance channels. Because this plan is based on a little known, unconventional means of constructing a whole life insurance policy, each policy natively offers several interconnected variables that need to be tailored to meet the unique circumstances of each person’s financial situation. As a result, acquiring the requisite knowledge to not only understand the plan but also apply the concepts to cater to each person’s unique financial situation requires an adviser with a unique set of skills. An Infinite Banking adviser must be intelligent, someone who has a level of integrity that garners trust, a fiduciary, the heart of a teacher, and someone who can clearly communicate somewhat complicated concepts in an empirical fashion. Clay Campbell exudes all of these qualities and he adds to these traits the type of patience and respect for others that reassures that every question is worth asking.

As Clay shared the various facets of the Infinite Banking strategy, I was able to obtain all of the answers I needed to make a rather weighty, yet informed financial decision. Even after becoming a client, I have found things to be just as they were explained to me and Clay has always made himself available to answer follow on questions and to take care of my requests. He is the consummate professional. He has become an essential partner in my wealth planning journey and I consider him to be my personal legacy architect. Because choosing the right adviser is as critical a decision as choosing the right plan, not only would I recommend the Infinite Banking plan as a wealth building strategy but I also would highly recommend Clay as your personal Infinite Banking adviser.