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The 3 Types of Money

Accumulated Money: Money your saving for retirement and future use. Examples are money your putting to the side for a real estate investment, your 401k, your IRA or your home equity.

Lifestyle Money: Money your using on a daily basis for food, gas and entertainment.

Transferred Money: Money your giving to the government and financial institutions like the bank. Example are taxes, credit card interest, home mortgage and car payments.

Watch the Circle of Wealth video to learn more about the 3 types of money.

Client Testimonial

I wanted to say thank you for what you did for my parents. Before I heard about you I had been turned down quite a few times when I applied for a loan. There house is worth over a million dollars, but they didn’t have the income. My dad is 87 and my mom is 84 and bedridden. We were about to sell the house. With your hard work we didn’t have to. We now have an income that is paying the bills. I don’t know how I can thank you enough. 

– Steve Forson

Client Testimonial

Finally, I have a valued and trusted professional to help guide my clients in the evaluation and selection of life insurance and its unique role as a vehicle to preserve wealth from the dual predations of litigation and taxation….

– Richard Epley PHD

Client Testimonial

On June 19, 2017, I opened my Bank before going on a vacation. On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston Texas area. I was among those who lost everything. I called Mr. Campbell and told him that I was going to need a loan. I got my loan within two days. I was able to get a car and rent an apartment. I did not have to go through any credit check or co-sign. Two weeks after Harvey, because of my own Banking system, I was back on my feet. I am very sure that had I not opened my Banking system I would still be waiting on some type of help.

– Pedro Vera

Life Insurance

Imagine a life insurance policy giving you full control of your assets. Many of us go “the easy way” by investing in traditional policies we see others doing, but here at Up Planning Edge, know a better way to invest in life insurance.

Real Estate

We hear people say everyday “I should’ve invested in real estate a long time ago.” Why? Because they see so many others benefitting from this kind of investment, and the outcomes are always extraordinarily convenient. Those are many ways it benefits you, but most importantly… it brings you freedom and control.


Many of us are investing in a retirement plan, without really even knowing what we’re doing. We give into what our employer offers, or choose a plan that we see others doing. What if there was a better way that truly set you up for success? Not only for your time of retirement, but for any time you need it?




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Building Wealth Outside Wall Street.

This 150 year old strategy has been implemented by the Rothschilds,  Rockefellers, JC Penny, and Walt Disney, but most average individuals and families have never heard of it.

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