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Joe Neri

Founder and CEO

Joe currently makes Houston, Texas his home along with his wife Megan and son Kai. Joe was born and raised in the Philippines until he was 12 years old, but has made Houston his home for the past 25 years. He has been in the Real Estate industry for the past 12 years.

Joe started Up Planning Edge after learning from his mentor and business partner Clay Campbell, who has been implementing and teaching these financial strategies all over the country for over 30 years.

Joe attended the University of Houston and has a degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing. In his early years he enjoyed backpacking 3 months out of a year and learning about the different cultures and trying the delicious cuisines in countries like Cambodia, Thailand & Indonesia. Now he enjoys traveling with his family, scuba diving, & surfing. He’s made it his life purpose to help as many families and individuals develop a sustainable financial strategy that will help improve their financial position and give them a clear path to financial confidence.

Clay Campbell


Clay is a native Houstonian currently residing in Kingwood, Texas with Donna his wife of 35 years, and his three children. He has had a financial services practice in the Houston area for more than 34 years. Even though his practice is based locally, he serves clients nationally.

He specializes in helping people put together tax advantaged retirement programs while keeping the process simple to understand.

Clay takes pride in the fact that he is seen as a trusted advisor in his community. He believes the thing that makes him unique is his simple, down to earth approach to advising his clients on the best way to build tax advantaged retirement savings. His goal is to accomplish this without using high risk products or having them make drastic lifestyle changes.​


I will help you find money you may be transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily. The money we find together we then can redirect towards funding a comfortable retirement program without asking you to invest in high risk investment vehicles or change your current lifestyle.

Michael Murray


Michael Murray is the owner and managing partner of Murray Insurance and Financial Services a life, health, and financial planning practice founded in 1985.

Michael was born and raised in Huntsville, Texas and after graduating from Sam Houston State University in 1970, with a BBA he moved to Houston, Texas to go to work for Great Southern Life Insurance Company, where he became Vice President of Policy Holder Services. After fifteen years on the corporate side of the life insurance business, he started Murray Insurance and Financial Services Inc., helping clients with life, health and financial services both locally and nationally. Michael currently lives in Spring, Texas with Kathy his wife of 25 years.

Michael is a Life and Qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table and Court of the Table, Life member of Texas Leaders Round Table and the National Quality Award. Past President of SHSU Lettermen Association, Board of Directors – Kat Pack, Board of Directors SHSU Lettermen Association and Alumni Athletic Advisory Board.

In 2009 Michael partnered with Clay Campbell at Retirement Planning Edge to jointly help clients find money that the clients may be transferring away unknowingly. They educate clients on how to redirect that money towards their own retirement programs with no risks.

Our Testimonials

For 34 years, we have helped families across the nation build solid, low risk retirement plans. Here are a few of their experiences working with our team:

I wanted to say thank you for what you did for my parents. Before I heard about you I had been turned down quite a few times when I applied for a loan. There house is worth over a million dollars, but they didn't have the income. My dad is 87 and my mom is 84 and bedridden. We were about to sell the house. With your hard work we didn't have to. We now have an income that is paying the bills. I don't know how I can thank you enough.
Finally, I have a valued and trusted professional to help guide my clients in the evaluation and selection of life insurance and its unique role as a vehicle to preserve wealth from the dual predations of litigation and taxation....
On June 19, 2017, I opened my Bank before going on a vacation. On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston Texas area. I was among those who lost everything. I called Mr. Campbell and told him that I was going to need a loan. I got my loan within two days. I was able to get a car and rent an apartment. I did not have to go through any credit check or co-sign. Two weeks after Harvey, because of my own Banking system, I was back on my feet. I am very sure that had I not opened my Banking system I would still be waiting on some type of help.
As a small business owner, I am constantly looking toward my future. I understand the importance of planning ahead and making good investments. I met with financial advisors, we discussed my goals and expectations and initially I felt I had secured several high quality investments, until I met Clay. His strong experience and investment tools were able to break down these investments individually and gave me the true worth of each. His assistance did not stop there—he presented solutions that resolved my issues with those initial investments. I now truly know my investments. My experience with Clay was great; his honesty and investment products have made a strong impact on my portfolio. M. KING HARDY, DDS, PA HUMBLE, TEXAS
Clay Campbell has been respected by the Skero family for twenty-five years. Clay and his family have always taken care of our family. Clay is a man of integrity and faithfulness. My father Larry Skero Sr. originated our family business in the Kingwood area in 1983. As the oldest son, my father and mother have taught me to be faithful and committed to our family business. One of the reasons I consider Clay a personal friend is that he has the same values we practice in our own lives. I want you to be convinced of this. If Clay represents you in your personal matters of this life, he will take great care of you. He is a conscientious kind
The Infinite Banking plan is a unique wealth building strategy that requires a person to become educated on topics that you typically won't find via main stream personal finance channels. Because this plan is based on a little known, unconventional means of constructing a whole life insurance policy, each policy natively offers several interconnected variables that need to be tailored to meet the unique circumstances of each person's financial situation.
New concepts present challenges to those of us who are used to doing things a certain way, which often means “the same way I’ve always done it.” It takes a very patient person knowledgeable in his or her subject matter to get those concepts across until the client reaches that “aha!” moment when everything falls into place.
After spending the last 34 years as a field auditor in IRS’ LB&I (Large Business & International) division, I retired in January of 2013. Looking towards retirement in 2011, I began trading stocks and options through a discount brokerage account. Then, in late 2012, one of my investment advisory newsletters began a series of articles about a unique savings vehicle called IBC (Infinite Banking Concept). Those articles and my heightened curiosity lead to further in-depth research. This included several articles and books. It also included telephone interviews of other IBC-oriented insurance agencies. As a result, not only did I decide to purchase an IBC policy to protect myself and my family, but am planning to sell the same because of
We've always heard about the different types of insurance products and always viewed them as a "cost" with no (or lousy) returns. We became friends with Clay and immediately liked and trusted him. He never talked about his business unless you asked about it. He showed us how to make sound financial decisions that differ from what conventional wisdom teaches and the benefits of taking control of our future.
As a small business owner we established a relationship with Mr. Clay Campbell that, with his investment expertise and guidance through MTL, has resulted in a significant increase in productivity for our business. We basically have our own bank from which we can borrow against our own investments resulting in immense savings in interest, and we have no need to go through a third party for additional funding every time we need to increase our inventory or make big purchases.




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Building Wealth Outside Wall Street.

This 150 year old strategy has been implemented by the Rothschilds,  Rockefellers, JC Penny, and Walt Disney, but most average individuals and families have never heard of it.

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